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sustainability at the fidi conference

Thank you to our sustainability partner, Reason Global, for supporting our efforts towards a more sustainable FIDI Confenrece.

We are all responsible for creating a more sustainable future. FIDI is trying to mitigate the negative impact of its activities on the environment where possible. Please read below our sustainability pledge and what we are trying to do to make the FIDI Conference as sustainable as possible. 

As a global membership organisation, we at FIDI Global Alliance acknowledge our own responsibility towards greater sustainability. This means changing the way we have done things in the past, one step at a time. We also recognize that this is an ongoing, long-term effort, and that we will make mistakes along the way.

The annual FIDI Conference is FIDI’s flagship event, a key moment in our community’s calendar. However, as an international event with attendees joining from across the world, our conference’s carbon footprint is substantial.

As part of FIDI’s commitment towards greater environmental sustainability, we commit to making the 2023 FIDI Conference as environmentally sustainable as we can. To achieve this, we are working closely with our partners, sponsors and the conference hotel and venues to make our event as sustainable as possible. We kindly ask you to help us in our efforts by following some sustainability best practices during your stay in Bangkok.

Below you can find some of the key actions we are planning to implement: 

Carbon footprint offset 

“Carbon offsetting” allows individuals and organizations to compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting verified projects that reduce emissions somewhere else.

To compensate part of our FIDI Conference’s carbon footprint, we offer the possibility for each attendee to purchase a 10 EUR “sustainability ticket”. FIDI will match each voluntary contribution (i.e. FIDI will pay an extra 10 EUR for each “sustainability ticket” purchased). The collected funds will go to a project from the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform.


The 2023 FIDI Conference is taking place at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. The Shangri-La Bangkok is committed to serving as good stewards of the environment and the hotel mitigates impacts on the environment by ensuring that their day-to-day operations promote and implement responsible environmental practices and continuous improvement.

The hotel is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and they also support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are working together with the hotel team to achieve the following environmental objectives for our conference:
•    The hotel practices local and fair sourcing. Where possible they engage local suppliers and use eco-friendly products to help promote growth and development in the local communities.
•    FIDI will provide one reusable bottle per attendee at registration, and the hotel will provide water filling stations throughout the conference venues.
•    The hotel was one of the first hotel groups to take shark fin off all their menus and has signed with the Marine Stewardship Council to source sustainable seafood.
•    The 2023 FIDI Conference menus will include as much as possible local and eco-friendly products, in close collaboration with the hotel catering services.
•    The 2023 FIDI Conference will aim to minimize as much as possible the use of single use plastic, in close collaboration with the hotel. For example, glass water bottles are used in all bedrooms only; paper straws are used in the hotel; laundry bags are made of fabric ; etc. 
•    Where possible the packaged bathroom amenities are made from biodegradable materials which decompose by almost 70% in 80 days.  Packaging is printed with 100% soy-based ink.
•    The hotel has introduced it's own water bottling plants and other more sustainable materials across the hotel operations.
•    The hotel actively practices smart technology food waste management and practices composting and the planting of herb gardens to manage food waste.
•    FIDI will strive to minimise food waste by working closely with the hotel's catering services to serve the exact amount necessary and avoid waste where possible 
•    The hotel utilises low temperature laundry facilities.
The Shangri-La Hotel  is part of the Shangri-La Group and is owned and operated by Shangri-La Hotel Public Company Limited.  The hotel has a Community and Social Impact policy which covers five key areas:  community engagement, environment and biodiversity, employee development, sustainable supply chain and health and safety.  To read more about their policies click here.

2023 FIDI Conference on-site promotion & information material

•    Where possible, we will use paperless technology and avoid paper print-outs. The 2023 FIDI Conference programme, attendees list, etc. will be exclusively available via the 2023 FIDI Conference app and website.
•    We will try to source the most environmentally respectful option for any printed material and assets.
•    Our attendee badges will be printed on biodegradable material.
•    We encourage our sponsors to also distribute their promotional material in a paperless manner and/or on recycled paper where possible.
•    Where possible, we will re-use assets from previous conferences, such as roll-ups, lanyards and brochures. We will also ask our sponsors to be very thoughtful of the quantity and quality of their give-aways, avoiding single-use plastic and to prefer - if necessary - eco-friendly options.

If you are attending the 2023 FIDI Conference, what can you do to help reduce the environmental impact of the event? 
•    Participate in the 2023 FIDI Conference carbon offsetting project by purchasing the voluntary “sustainability ticket” for 10 EUR per attendee. FIDI will match each voluntary contribution.
• There are programmes that allow you to offset your air travel. Contact the FIDI office if you are interested in learning more.

•    Where possible, avoid using printed promotional material, business cards or plastic gifts for your fellow attendees – try finding digital or environmentally friendly alternatives!
•    During your stay at the hotel, follow basic environmentally conscious best practices, for example: reuse your towels and decline housekeeping for the duration of your stay; avoid wasting water unnecessarily; switch off the air-conditioning (and the lights!) when you leave your room; etc.
•    Where possible, avoid using plastic bottles or single-use plastic cups or containers.
•    Be mindful of your litter while travelling or visiting places. Where possible, separate items for recycling: if there are no recycling bins near you, may be bring the items back to the hotel, where they can be discarded properly.
Think eco-friendly and socially responsible when buying souvenirs and gifts to bring back home! 
•    If you – as an individual or in your company – follow specific or innovative environmental best practices, share them with us and your fellow attendees. Lead by example and share your experience!
•    If during the 2023 FIDI Conference you notice something that we could do better or if you have ideas on how we could improve our event’s environmental impact, please let us know at     

FIDI is taking sustainability very seriously. We are only at the start of our journey to reduce the FIDI Conference’s environmental impact. We will make mistakes along the way – but we promise to try our best. Please help us to make our conference a truly environmentally responsible event. By making small changes and taking responsibility for our actions together, we can make an impact.
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