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39 Club

 FIDI 39 Club members are entitled to an exclusive registration ticket that includes the FIDI 39 Club two day conference and FIDI 39 Club activities*. Please select the FIDI 39 Club ticket option when registering.

FIDI 39 Club members must attend the F39C Conference in order to benefit form the free attendance to the Ceilidh, dinner buffet and FIDI Party.


*excludes the informal FIDI 39 Club dinner on Tuesday night, which is payable by individuals.

If you wish to join the FIDI 39 Club, or to find out more, please email

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Edinburgh is a very well connected travel hub, there are regular fast trains from London, running along the scenic East Coast of the UK, with multiple public transport links also available at the airport for those arriving by air directly. 

New this year – The FIDI 39 Club powered sustainable travel initiative 

By avoiding an extra regional flight from London to Edinburgh or an airport taxi, all delegates will have the chance to take a greener transport mode, reducing their personal carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable conference. The FIDI 39 Club initiative prize draw will give one lucky winner a free registration for FIDI 2025. To enter, you simply need to take any form of public transport enroute to Edinburgh and share your ticket. Watch the video presentation from FIDI’s 39 Club President, Jackie Stouffer, to find out more.

FIDI 39 Club Conference 

The FIDI 39 Club Conference includes sessions and activities  over a two day period, allowing members to learn, grow, meet old friends and make new ones and experience memorable activities. 

Saturday 11 May 

10:00 - 12:00

FIDI 39 Club Conference opening session. The opening will include a special session with an external speaker, committed to levelling up skills of attendees.

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FIDI Ceilidh hosted by the FIDI 39 Club

Saturday 11 May 

18:00 - 21:00

Dress code: Casual. Suitable shoes for dancing

Join the 39 Club for a traditional Scottish Ceilidh - an informal evening of dancing and music followed by a buffet dinner and a section on beers, wines and soft drinks,  in the Grand Café at the Scotsman Hotel.  A 'not to be missed' event.

Coaches will depart from the Sheraton Hotel at 17:30 and guests can walk from the Scotsman Hotel on to Cabaret Voltaire which is the venue for the Party hosted by the 39 Club.

This event is free to 39 Club registered attendees.  If you are not a 39 Club Registered attendee and wish to purchase a ticket the cost is: 100€. All FIDI Conference delegates are welcome to attend and this event attracts many delegates annually, please book to secure your space!


FIDI Party hosted by the
FIDI 39 Club

Saturday 11 May

21:00 - 01:00

The FIDI Party - hosted by the 39 Club on the Saturday night is the place to be. Cabaret Voltaire is hosting the party and is one of Scotland’s most iconic and historic music venues.  Once part of Edinburgh’s underground vault systems, now a subterranean place of dancing with state of the art D&B sound system and tailored lighting to ensure an optimal sensory clubbing experience.

This event is free for 39 Club registered attendees.  If you are not a 39 Club Registered attendee and wish to purchase a ticket the cost is: 125€


FIDI 39 Club Brunch & afternoon conference session - hosted by the FIDI 39 Club Board

Sunday 12 May

12:00 - 16:00

Details TBC

FIDI 39 Club Informal Dinner

Tuesday 14 May

19:30 - 21:30

This dinner is open to FIDI 39 Club members only. This traditional Tuesday night dinner will sample local cuisine and give members the chance to chill out and network in a relaxed environment. The dinner will take place at the Ghillie Dhu, a traditional Scottish bar and restaurant a short walk from the Sheraton Hotel.


This year's dinner will include a 3-course meal focused on low carbon sustainable food options. This means red meat will not be on the menu.

The cost of the dinner to FIDI 39 Club members is a non-refundable 55€ which will cover the costs of a 3-course meal, but drinks will need to be paid for on the night.

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